Review of Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II (Irons)

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T-Zoid Pro II

Top quality construction. These irons must be approaching 10 years old now, yet they are still in good condition. The usuall such as grips will need replacing, however that is normal for all clubs.


The Pro 2's sit behind the ball very well, and have a very shallow profile sole, hence there is minimal 'bounce to any of the clubs...for me making it easy to play off tight/hard summer fairways. When playing a good quality or low compression ball the feel is superb (I use a wilson PX3 with zero compression). As these irons have a taper tip, each shaft is made specifically for each iron. (Rather than with parallel, where they are trimmed afterwards to the correct length). For me this means that every iron is of a constant weight and helps build a more repeatable swing.The distance, is also remarkably long. Perhaps playing two clubs longer than my RAC LT's. As and example I hade previously been hitting an 8 iron about 125 / 130 yards with the RAC LT's. With the T-Zoid Pro 2's, the same swing gives me a shade over 150 yds. OK...the lighter shaft could be part of the cause however, the accuracy and control also seems better.As a blade / shallow cavity iron they are also much easy to hit than you would think. Certainly easier than the RAC LT's.


The only negative aspect is keeping the irons looking young and new. These irons are very soft forgings, and hence the groves need plenty of care, and the faces need cleaning ASAP to stop any 'browing' occurring.Lastly, if you use a 2 piece or other slightly harder ball they can transmit a lot of negative vibes back to the grip.


A great set of irons, when fitted with the right shaft for your swing. A very good feel, and control when using a 'better' qulity ball. Much easier to use than most would imagine, and these days as cheap as chips! Also, these are forged irons, so loft and lie adjustment +/- 3 degree or so is fine.

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