Review of Never Compromise Alpha Z1 (Putters)

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Ryan Blanchard
Never Compromise
Alpha Z1

Beautifully condstructed, and like I said before, the weight of the club is somewhat new to me, but its like a piece of stereo equipment... the more solid it feels, the better it must be, right?


I have never used a mallet-head putter before. So the feel was quite a bit different. I had come from a PING Pal2 bronze blade putter, which was on the lighter side. Call it luck, but the first put I had with this putter was a 15' footer, and I sunk it. Now this putter didn't solve my problems over night, but my putts are closer, lagging is better, and "3-putts" are almost a thing of the past. The only thing I can tell you is this is a responsive putter. Where as before I was putting blind, now I can see (and feel) my putts.


Aesthetically, I am not into painted golf clubs, as dings and scratches are guaranteed. But my putter came with a nice suede and fur Never Compromise putter cover.


The verdict is still out on this putter, as I have only been using it for about a month now. But as long as my switching putters isn't a mental issue and as long as it putts as true and feels as good as it has, then putter is a winner.

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