Review of Nickent 3DX Square (Drivers)

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3DX Square

Quality of the driver is really good. Nothing really bad about it at all.


Looks like a Nike Sasquatch. Sounds really loud on contact with the ball, almost like an aluminum baseball bat hitting against an aluminum trash bin. REALLY LOUD, as if you're in a batting cage. The sound grabs peoples attention on the range, and not what I was looking for. At address, all you can see is this huge square crown behind the ball. After contact, the ball just flies off the titanium face. Ball goes up high and straight, from the square design, of course. This driver won't cure your slices, but it will help keep your ball on the fairway on mishits. The 3DX is very forgiving. Not too shabby at all! My golf buddies were impressed with the driver's performance when I took it out to the course just 3 days after purchase. The weight of the club feels very light during the swing. The UST Proforce V2 shaft is just outstanding.


What really annoys me is the lound BANG after hitting the ball. Even mishits sounds really good and loud.


If you can get along with the loud bang after every hit and don't mind the attention at the range, then go for it. If you're new to golf and don't really slice/draw, and want straight ball flight, then go for it. Other than that, nothing is wrong with this club.

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