Review of Nicklaus Jack Nicklaus Tour Series (Irons)

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Jack Nicklaus Tour Series

Overall it seems ok. Grips were nice and tacky, clubs never felt out of control or flemsy.


This is one of the Nicklaus complete set series. The irons were game improvement irons with THICK top lines. So that should build some confidence to higher handicap players. You felt like the ball was going to jump if you hit it square. These clubs were about a club shorter than my Callaway X Tour irons. They were forgiving but I was still able to work them with solid swings. Was able to produce a nice draw. Setup was not hard once you get used to that top line. Putter, this was a challenge to get used to. Much lighter than my PING putter so I struggled to get distance control down. Had to put more ummmfff in it but eventually got the feel for it. The putter seemed to setup closed by default which I didn't like.Wedges were very nice, had some bit to them but different than my Clevelands. The 60 that comes with it was VERY easy to hit off any surface. The SW was tough to get the hang off, the ball JUMPED off it. I was always going too long. Very tough to get the distance down compared to my Cleveland wedges.The irons had the ultra light-weight shafts which took a little bit to get used too but were ok. That really made you notice the weight of the clubhead.The woods had Uniflex shafts which I did not like. Could not control the driver though the 3W and hybrids were ok. I switched drivers at the turn since I was unable to control the stock driver. I play with a stiff/firm shaft normally and just was putting the ball all over the place with the Uniflex. Hybrids are offset which took some getting used too since my normal clubs aren't


The shafts weren't a great match. The putter setup closed and the ball launches off the sandwedge.


Overall not a bad starter set. don't set your expectations too high. I think the shafts probably will suit slower swing speed golfers and I think you'll need a new putter but otherwise, they're serviceable.

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