Review of Nike 53* Gap Wedge (Wedges)

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53* Gap Wedge

forged with a simple but unique look...I love it


The initial appearance of the club is great from the plug in the grip to the swoosh on the head. It feels soft and has great control plus it puts a good amount of spin on the ball. It had the same feel of the non-plated cleveland but with more distance.


The plug in the end is beginning to work its way out, but thats nothing big. Because of the soft material used to club seems to ding easily, even the face. I would not recommend hitting this club out of the samd because of how easily it gets scratched.


Even though it may ding it does not effect the playability of it. If you're a player who is in the rough alot i would not buy htis club just for the cnace there may be come small pebbles or something there...or just buy it and dont use it in the rough.I love it and would take it over any other wedge I have EVER hit.

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