Review of Nike CCI (Irons)

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superb. what else would you expect from a the company that makes the iron that won two majors in 2k9


I was starting to outgrow my nickent 3dx redbacks. wanted something with less offset, narrower soles, thinner topline, and shorter blade length for workability. This fulfilled all of those requirements. at address, the ball sets up clean with no distractions. satin finish on the clubs is a nice touch from nike. cavity provides forgiveness as i'm not quite ready for blades. cavity insert positions weight perfectly behind the ball and just low enough to help get a bit more lift on the ball. forged soft steel provides great sound and feel through impact. dynamic gold shafts are tour proven.ball flight is penetrating as you'd expect from a players iron. even without the offset i'm playing a slight a draw, but can easily command draws, fades and straight balls when needed.


stock grip is a tour velvet ribbed grip. can't stand the ridge on the back. got them regripped before i even hit them on the range with round tour velvets (logo down...just my preference)


great introductory players iron. really workable, just forgiving enough, and feel great. can't beat $350 for forged irons the pros play

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