Review of Nike Forged Tiger Woods Wedge (Wedges)

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Forged Tiger Woods Wedge

The units look great they are well built and very sturdy feeling.


I recently replaced my RAC wedges with the Nike Tiger Woods Forged Wedges. I tried several out there including the new Callaway tour vintage wedges, Cleveland wedges, RAC wedges and the Mizuno MP-t wedges. I liked the soft feel of the Nike Tiger Woods forged wedges the best. I feel I am able to more consistently control distance and spin with these wedges. One of the things that also drew me to the Tiger Woods Forged Wedges was the look. These wedges look really good. The have an aggressive look to them that inspires confidence. For me confidence is a big part of the game. They have a little bit of weight to them and I like that it feels natural for me to let the weight of the club flow through my swing. I think this is mainly because the weight is concentrated at the head. It feels good with both a slow and a fast swing. I know that the school of thought is that forged wedges are harder to control and are less forgiving but I think it is the opposite. After really testing the different clubs I found that these wedges were more responsive and gave me more confidence to try different shots. They definitely have more spin than my old wedges but that me be because they are new. One other advantage is the distance is better with my new Nike wedges I am hitting them about 10 yards farther with a full swing and the range with each club varies less. With my old RAC's I had a 10 yard difference with a full swing meaning I could hit my 60 degree anywhere from 75 to 85 yards with the same swing. With the same degree Nike club I am hitting it between 95 and 100 yards every time.


I did not like the standard grips they felf thin and slippery and did not gime me a confident feeling. Once I swithced to a thicker better grip they felt great. I am not sure about how most people will feel about the heavy head of these wedges. I liked it but was used to the more balanced feeling of the RAC wedges so it took a little getting used to.


This purchase was a no brainer for me. I love my new wedges and am excited about improving my short game and shooting some sub par rounds.

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