Review of Nike Forged Titanium (Drivers)

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Big Hitter
Forged Titanium

Again, The driver is awsome! paint and construction seem to be flawless.


After hitting the Nike driver on the driving range and playing 1 round with a demo, I purchased one for myself. I love the feel you get when you hit the ball. I am sure I get about 10 more yards than I had been getting from the biggest big bertha I had been using. I didn't think I would ever replace the Callaway that I had used for 4 years. I must recommend the Nike to anyone who is looking for an upgrade from what they are hitting now.


The only negative I have found is the little chip on the paint that has occured. It may have happened when I played a round w/out putting the headcover on between holes. I guess I will be sure to keep the cover on when I am not using it.


The Best driver I have ever hit! I tried the Callaway c4 before i went with this one. It does not even feel and you just don't get that feedback when you hit a good one. If you are considering either of two drivers, you won't go wrong with the Nike.

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