Review of Nike Ignite 410cc Driver (Drivers)

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Ignite 410cc Driver

Very well built


Looks, feel, sound, distance, workability


Alignment aid (I like a clean look at address without distractions)


A great driver that can be had at a great price. I chose the 410cc because I don't like looking down and seeing a house on the end of a toothpick LOL. The 410 actually has a bigger footprint than most 440-460cc drivers, but the pear-shaped head looks very clean and inspires much confidence in the address position. The face is plenty deep, yet plenty long to inspire the feel of being able to rip it without mis-hitting it (although this can be a little dangerous when you only need to smooth swing it). The feel and sound of the ball coming off the face is great as well. Much discussion has been made about the sound (kinda dead), but hit a Titleist or TaylorMade TP and you'll notice the same sound, and those are the 2 most popular drivers in the game. Once you catch a 300+ yarder, the sound is a mute point (pun intended LOL). The trick with this (as any other) driver is to find the right loft/shaft/ball combo, as this club creates minimal spin on the ball. Mine has the Graphite Design YS-Power 85 Tour X-flex built to 44.5'. This combo gives the club a great feel in the hands and needed control for hitting fairways. The distance comes naturally (Nike drivers are as long as anything out there). I create alot of spin due to my swingspeed and the fact that I go at it a little on the hard side, so this combo allows me to use a higher-spinning ball (Nike Tour) to achieve the correct trajectory/spin rate, and I can stick it close into the greens. HIGHLY recommended driver!!

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