Review of Nike Lunar Control (Shoes)

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Lunar Control

Excellent quality shoes from what I could see. They looked to be very well made.


I really liked to fit of the shoe in the heel portion of the shoe. They felt very comfortable walking around in the store, and while hitting balls into the net. Very nice looking as well.


The Lunar Control shoes have a tapered toe area that is TOO narrow for my foot. I could feel the shoe pushing in on my toes from the outdise of the shoe. After only 15 minutes wearing them it became clear they were too narrow in the toe box to be comfortable out on the course for 4 plus hours.


I really like this golf shoe, but the toe box is just too narrow for my feet. Even through my feet were measured to be size 11M, the shoe is too narrow for my foot. According to the shoe fitter in the store, going up to a Wide would nake the rest of the shoe too loose and cause a loss of control. I will try a Wide IF I can find one in my area to see if a Wide will work for me.

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