Review of Nike Method Core MC5i (Putters)

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Method Core MC5i

Very well made putter with a quality grip.


Good feel at impact with good distance control once I got used to it. Fairly easy to align the face to the cup using the line on top of the head. Good feeling grip.


The putter head is slightly deeper front to back near the toe than it is near the heel. making it look ODD and out of alignmnet when I set it down behind the ball. This caused me to roll the ball left of my line until I started to correct for this by aiming a little right of the cup. The alignment line doesn't stand out enough for me, painting it White would be an improvement.


This putter is about 75 percent face balanced and much better than the standard blade design for my stroke. I think this somewhat toe heavy design was part of the reason my putts went to the left on me. I found the distance control very good and the feel at impact was excellent. If you like a slightly toe heavy putter design, I'd recommand you demo this putter, as it's an excellent design. I just think the face balanced MC4i would be a better fit for my straight back and forth putting stroke. Even with this putter not being a perfect fit for my stroke, I did manage to tie for first place in the putting contest with it. Not too bad for a putter that didn't quite fit my style of putting I'd say.

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