Review of Nike Method MC4i (Putters)

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Method MC4i

Very well made putter with a comfortable grip.


I perfer the face balanced design of this putter much more than the other Method designs available. The head is is the same size at the toe as at the heel, which just looks so much better sitting there behind the ball. It's much better for aiming the face at the target. Good feel at impact and it has a good weight to it.


I really wish I had known about this MC4i when I was competeing in the Nike putting contest last week. In that contest I used the MC5i, which wasn't face balanced, and did really suit my style of putting, and I managed to tie for first place using it. I really think I would have done even better if I had known about the MC4i and had been using it. It just suits my stroke so much better and it looks a LOT better behind to ball.

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