Review of Nike OZ 6 (Putters)

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Joe Golfer
OZ 6

Excellent quality.


The Nike OZ #6 putter has a very large putter head. Much larger than most.It didn't appeal to me at first glance, but I was trying numerous putters all at once in the store.Nowadays there are many putters that will give you a good feel upon hitting the ball.This putter gave a nice feel as well, but what I really liked was the tremendous accuracy of it, and also the extremely good distance control consistency.I have currently played an Oddysey Dual Rossi putter for a long time. The feel has always been good, and it is a pretty fine putter all around.But this Nike putter really seemed to do a fantastic job on distance control and accurancy.I tried numerous putters, and this one seemed to hit the same distance time and time and time again, making for extremely close lags every time. And the accuracy was also terrific.


The size of the head looks disconcerting at first.It is long from heel to toe, and seems to have weighted wings extending backwards and outwards from the edges of the face, making it look even bigger. I suppose this expands the sweet zone of the putter.There is also weight directly behind the face, helping to give a solid feel.I never really thought much of the idea of a putter needing more 'forgiveness', an expanded sweet spot or zone, as one rarely misses the center by much.As I mentioned, I already played a mallet putter which was very forgiving and had a nice face insert.But this big headed putter was phenomenal, so if one misses that sweet spot by a tiny bit, it didn't seem to affect the distance control one bit. And the accuracy was fantastic, so the larger heel to toe dimensions also must help in that regard as well.


Excellent putter for both distance control and accuracy.Try it in the store first.If you get used to the size of the putter head, you should like it just fine.

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