Review of Nike OZ 6 (Putters)


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Joe Golfer
OZ 6



Excellent feel and lag distance.Great control on accuracy.I Have played a mallet putter for years, the Oddysey dual Rossie mallet.But this is far better.The head is huge, so it takes some getting used to at first, but that didn't take long after the results.Face insert has nice feel.Lag distance is incredible, time and time again.And accuracy is far better than my old Oddysey.It's not that I was missing the sweet spot with my old putter.It's just that sometimes the face didn't always come in square, so if it was slightly open or closed, the putt was off target line.Not so with this huge headed NIke Model.It is long from heel to toe.Heavy weights extending backwards from edges of heel and toe.Also a solid weight directly behind the sweet spot.Though I was rarely missing the sweet spot, sometimes the face would turn slightly with my old putter. This one is far more accurate with my straight back and straight thru putting style.


Nothing to me.If you are someone who uses a style where you open and close the clubface during your putting stroke, ala Ben Crenshaw, then you probably would prefer a heel weighted putter.


Terrific putter for anyone who uses a pendulum swing of straight back and thru for their putting stroke.Head is very large, but you get used to it almost instantly, though it'll take up alot of space in the bag.

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