Review of Nike Performance Carry Bag (Bags)

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Performance Carry Bag

Thus far, 2 months in, I'm very impressed with the quality and construction of this bag.


So first off this is not a light-weight bag. It's a stand bag but it's more of a hybrid between stand and cart. Which was what I was looking for. I don't actually carry my bag when I walk, I use a push cart. So therefore I don't care really how light weight it is. But what I want are things like lots of pockets, easy access to clubs and I wanted a cooling pocket to keep drinks cool. This bag has all that. It has 10 pockets, including a cooler pocket which holds easily 2 drinks. It has a extra slot for holding spare golf balls for quick access if you need one. It also has 14 full length divide slots for clubs. Now some people may want to carry more clubs than 14, I do, and you can usually get 2 clubs in each slot. Now the more you put in the more difficult it is to get them out but you can make it work.The handle is really solid, which gives you confidence when picking up the bag. And it's got a grip on the bottom for you to hold onto as you lift it. Stand legs seem solid as well




Highly recommend if you don't actually carry this bag on your back. I think it would be a little heavy for that.

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