Review of Nomad PM103 (Putters)

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Precise Nova golf grip. The face of the putter is milled. The shaft appears to be graphite. The construction of the head is made from a titanium magnesium composite alloy. The construction of the putter seems to be solid. For the money, it's seems to be a good quality putter.


I've been in the market for a putter for several months. I've read many reviews on putters and I finally narrowed my choices to either the Ping Isospur or the Titliest Scotty Cameron models. I went to a pro shop to try out these models and ended up with the Nomad. Why? I was sinking in more putts with this putter. The weight of the Nomad putter very balanced. The club was consistently contacting the ball squarely. It had a good consistent feel. It was easy to judge how for the ball would go off the club head. I choose the Nomad not only for it's price but for it's function as a great putter. If your in the market for a putter, definitely try the Nomad.


It doesn't have the name brand image of the Titliest or Ping. I can't brag to my other golf partners that I paid more than they did on a putter.


The bottom line, choose a putter that works for you and don't let image or brand be the deciding factor. Who cares if Tiger or David uses a Titliest. They're not going to be there when you 3 putt every hole with your Titliest putter.

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