Review of Odyssey 2-Ball Putter (Putters)

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2-Ball Putter

The hollow head keeps down weight, while giving the advantage of volume and size on top. I might change the grip at some point in the future, but so far, so good.


All the pros say the 2-ball helps them line up their putts. I can't imagine that these great players need help lining up putts.I talked with some of the best junior and college players in our area, that they said the same thing-- the 2-ball orients them to the putting line.Here's my quandry-- For me, the biggest advantage of the 2-ball has been distance control. Years ago, I decided that I would rather control distance than direction, because the putting line seemed to take care of itself if I gauged the distance properly. Maybe it's the light mallet head. I'm not sure. But my distance control has improved using this weapon.


When I first bought it, my golf buddies kidded me about selecting a putter based on what the LPGA pros were using.I've noticed that my "girl's putter"-- in all of its incarnations-- seems to be gaining converts on the PGA tour every week.If there's a downside, it's that there's no "Ping-style" line aiming me directly at the hole on short-- 3-foot to 5-foot-- putts, and the "three-balls" aren't quite accurate enough at short distances.


My first couple of months with this putter have given me confidence. Isn't that the most important thing a piece of equipment can convey?How long will it be before Tiger tries one?Well, maybe he is pretty confident already. But if he asks me, I'll suggest he try the 2-ball.

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