Review of Odyssey 2-Ball Putter (Putters)

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2-Ball Putter

Callaway quality is the best in the business.


The 2-Ball is very easy to line up and has a great feel to it.It gives you a very consistant roll and is difficult to misshit.I'm making more 6 to 10 foot putts than ever.


There's not much to dislike about the 2-Ball. I does take a little getting used to. Because of the weighting, if you try to "plumb-bob" to help you determine the break, the putter doesn't hang straight down. If you're used to lining up the logo of your ball with the line of your putt and then matching it up with the topline of the putter, there is no topline.


I played the same putter for 8 years and had a reputation of being pretty good on the greens. I wasn't looking to make a switch, but when I tried the 2-Ball I knew it was time for a change. I play in a lot of tournaments and club events. The 2-Ball has paid for itself many times over in the short time I've owned it.

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