Review of Odyssey Backstryke Marxman (Putters)

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Backstryke Marxman

Great, no complaints


Another well built Odyssey putter arrives on the market. Well constructed, nice styling, good weight, solid feel. This putter is not your Grandfather's putter. The shaft actually attaches to the clubhead at the BACK of the clubhead. Not the front or the center. So the shaft is realy bent in order to make that work and to keep the club face in line with the shaft. The theory is this:#Visible Face Alignment - Allows the golfer to clearly see if the face is square to the target line without the shaft impeding the line of sight. This provides an unprecedented visual aid, lining up putts to the target line for precision accuracy.# Forward Press Stabilization - A hands forward position without de-lofting promotes an upward stroke into the ball. The shaft position also helps create a stable, straight line with the leading arm so the wrists are less likely to break down during the stroke. The ascending stroke imparts topspin faster, generating true roll. The position of the hands also encourages a longer and lower follow-through for better consistency.# Stroke Balance - Balancing the putter on the axis of the putting stroke promotes a fluid, stable stroke path that is more consistent, accurate and leads to better distance control.And those are true. The shaft is out of the way so it does not impede your lining up the putt. But I struggled to get the clubhead aligned properly, perhaps due to the unique style of the club. Eventually I got close and holed a few putts. But initially I struggled with the shaft so far behind my hands. It does promote a press forward/hands forward stroke. And maybe with a lot of practice you'd get used to it, but expect to need some practice with this.


First off was the price, $199. That's a step price for a non-mainstream putter configuration. For me, the shaft being attached in the back made me think too much about where my hands were, what the club head was doing, was I going to drive the clubhead into the ground/surface because I how far back the shaft was, etc. So it was a bit distracting.


Interesting concept, don't think it will really revolutionize the putter industry. If you get used to the setup, could be a nice weapon.

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