Review of Odyssey Putting Wedge Marksman X-Act (Wedges)

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Putting Wedge Marksman X-Act

I have played off and on over my life-time and have recently taken up clubs once again. My short game was hurting so I added the Odyssey Marxman X-Act chipping wedge. I have noticed a consistancy in chipping to with inches of the hole and on ocassion holing the chip. I find the problem I am having is realizing that I have a chipping wedge in my hand and need to relie on the putting stroke to make the difference. To help with this I have put the same grip on the X-Act as I have on my Odyssey white-Hot putter. I am now consistantly getting the same results everytime I use the X-Act. I have taken a pitching wedge out of my bag and added the X-Act to my sand and approach wedges.

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