Review of Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT (Putters)

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srushing - Scott Rushing
Tri-Ball SRT

Seemed to be solidly built.


First of all, this is a BIG putter. it's one of the first in the line of higher MOI putters that have hit the market in the last year or two. One thing I liked about the putter was the fact that for short putts, and to some degree long putts, the tri-ball back can be a useful alignment aide for lining up the putter where you want the ball to go. For longer putts it didn't seem as effective to me for some reason though it should hold true there as well. Putts that were hit 'off center' didn't seem to travel much shorter than putts struck on the sweet spot of the club-face. There was less responsiveness though, but not much loss in distance. The weight felt good and practically all of it 'feels' (and is) in the club-face.


This is a BIG putter...too big for my tastes. I would probably have to move the driver around in my bag since this and it would be able to same size. if you can get over that and get beyond the teasing you'll get from your playing partner's it's a nice club.


Good putter especially if one likes mallet putters to begin with. It's big though, and that takes some getting used to. The large face gives you added forgiveness and you don't lose much distance on off-center hits. But the ragging you'll get from others might irritate you more than missing a putt will....

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