Review of Odyssey Two Ball Putter Long, 46" (Putters)

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Glen Kirk
Two Ball Putter Long, 46"

46" long. Two ball alignment feature, face balancing, soft White Hot face, low center of gravity and back weighting all produce a putter that gives you more than a 50-50 chance of making a putt. It incorporates 5 features that will, without a doubt,improve your putting. The design puts so much over spin on the ball, when stroked properly, the ball rolls out better than any other putter I can name so all you have to is get aligned and put a good roll on the ball. I've had 28 and 26 putts so far soI can verify that it works.


The long putters are much easier to use than the conventional short ones, regardless of what anybody says. There are less moving parts and less to go wrong. I have usedseveral different brands of long putters but this one is the best. Obviously, it is veryeasy to line up and one of the first things I learned in playing golf is, you have to getit (the ball) pointed in the right direction. The weighting puts the weight below and behind the ball so, by design, the ball gets rolling properly. The shaft has a little flex in it so the weight of the head and the little flex in the shaft are such that you don'tEVER feel like you have to hit the ball. The putter is "face balanced" whichmeans it is neither toe nor heel heavy so it is perfectly balanced. Then there isthe soft face that produces that buttery soft feel. So, with the two ball alignment aid,the soft face, the face balancing, and weighting, it's almost like stealing.


There is nothing that I don't like about this putter except the it might be a little pricey.


You can tell that I really like this putter. I have played golf for 40 years and have hadmore putters than I care to admit. It is usually the Indian and not the arrow but we keep looking for the perfect "wand." After what has felt like an endless search, I mayhave found the "holy grail." This may be what I've been looking for for the past 40 years. I would encourage anyone to give a long Two Ball a try and who knows,it might just change your game.

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