Review of Odyssey White Hot #7 (Putters)

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Medel Crisostomo
White Hot #7

Very nice, solid construction. I like the insert - it does feel softer, though I use distance balls, mostly, with hard covers that may negate whatever feel the putter would provide. Headcover's very nice, velcro'ed to stay in place.


The head is heavier than the TaylorMade nubbins b1s blade that I've been using beforehand, which I expected. I pull most of my putts, so I wanted the heavier head to help me feel the clubhead and be able hold it parallel to the target line on the through-stroke. The double-line alignment guide is also very helpful, especially if you line-mark your balls. With the lighter blade, I tend to rush the putting stroke. The heavier mallet helps me control the speed and control any stabbing motion.


The only negative I can think of is that the bigger putterhead makes it more cumbersome to store in a carry bag. I have an 8" bag - the lightest bag I have - that I use during the summer months, so the clubhead sometimes gets in the way. I have another bag with a separate putter tube on the outside of the bag, but it's located near where the doublestrap is hooked onto the bag, so sometimes it catches part of the strap.


A very nice looking, beautifully constructed putter, one to consider if you're looking for a mallet without the 2-ball price. Hefty, good for putters who want to slow down their tempo somewhat. Easy to align with the double lines on the clubhead.

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