Review of Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter (Putters)

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White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter

This is an Odyssey, the number 1 putter on tour. Should I say more?


What I like about the club is the that it has enough weight to almot swing itself. On a lighter putter I on the swing would have a tendency to push the shot. If I just allowed gravity to swing the club I tended to be short. The Sabertooth has enough weight to almost swing itself and the alignment marks are really nice and work well. As for the 'fangs', they add to the perimeter weight and prevent twisting and pushed or pulled shots. Some may think they are a distraction, but after a while, I barely noticed them any more.


I like everything about this club. After being a mediocre putter, this has eleveated my game and saved ay least4-5 strokes per round.


This putter added the confidence to my game. The weighting is perfect for me and the alignment marks are about the best I have ever used. Bottom line I have confidence in my putting again thanks to the Sabertooth.

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