Review of Odyssey White Ice Teron (Putters)

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White Ice Teron

Top notch


The putter had a nice weight to it as you held it, felt pretty confident as I swung it that I wasn't going to have to hit it hard to get the ball to the whole. The whole design of the club head sort of acts as an alignment aide though I do think the design is a little odd. But it was easy to get a good line at the hole. I got close on long putts line wise, but seemed easier, maybe expectedly, that I made more short putts. Mishits on the toe and heel didn't seem to drastically reduce how far the ball went. The feel was soft, which is the mark I guess of the White Ice Hot insert. There was that solid sound as the ball came off the face, unlike the 'tink' sound you get off some of the other designs.


The shaft bend near the club face is a little non-traditional and I was curious if I'd have to change my setup any. But I didn't seem to need to. The overall look of the club face is a little odd with the design but you get used to it. Didn't seem to be as easily able to pick up the ball with the back of the club face like I can some other mallet putters.


Overall a good putter, though I would say if your in the market for an Odyssey putter, I still believe the Sabertooth is the best. But this is a quality putter

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