Review of Orlimar 16* Plus (Fairway Woods)

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Barry Goodson
16* Plus

Fit and finish is first rate as is the True Temper EI70 they use in all of the Orlimar fairway woods.


What a deal. They just do not make a better fairway wood than Orlimar. Mine has a EI70 stiff which I also have in the 12* model. I can play this club from 200 to 230 just by choking down and controlling my swing. It is super easy to hit either way and also high or low. The normal tendency for the club is just to go high an straight but any shot can be manufactored with it. Look at address is super and after a year the finish has held up great. What can I say, it's super and can be bought cheap.What else do you want ?


Nothing bad I can say about these fairway woods.


If price was not a consideration they would be the best available fairway woods out there. They can do anything you want which is why there are many Pro's with other manufactors headcovers on them using them.Now since they can be had for a song and you don't even have to dance there isn't a better buy in the market place.You can own every loft for the price of one of the bigger named companies fairway woods.There is nothing more you can ask of a product than the ability to perform,look good and give you value for your hard earned dollar. The Orlimar 16* fits every catagory and is a Triple Ace !!

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