Review of Orlimar HipTi Driver (Drivers)

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Medel Crisostomo
HipTi Driver

Nice, solid construction. Clubhead is nice to look at, and black finish gives it a subdued impression of quality.


Large head gives confidence at address, and the black finish is nice to look at. The "O" as an alignment tool is difficult to use, however. Orlimar uses a weighting system where, depending on the loft of the driver head, a copper tungsten "Chili Pepper" weight is moved closer to the heel as the loft increases, in an effort to promote a straighter ball flight. I have a tendency to hook more with my drives, so, with my 10.5* driver (which has the copper weight closest to the heel), I have to compensate by opening up my stance a bit.However, it is by far still the most forgiving of all the drivers I have tried. I was wary of getting a large volume driver, as they appear too bulky. With this club, and the 45.5" shaft lenght, I don't have to worry about having to swing fast. I feel my smooth tempo complements the long shaft, needing only to make solid contact to produce long and effective tee shots. The club's also more forgiving on mishits than my older drivers with smaller clubheads, which I expected.


The leather headcover came with a zipper, whose metal ring pull rubbed against the graphite shaft while in the bag, causing a noticeable gash. Also, I would like to see the copper tungsten weight be available as a customizable feature. A high handicapper like me would benefit from a higher-lofted driver, but because of my tendency to hook, I might benefit more by having the weight in the middle of the sole of the club rather than near the heel.


A very nice driver, and at current prices, a good buy. The Fujikura shaft is good quality for a stock shaft. Delivers non-conforming distances when hit right, yet still allows for forgiveness on mishits. Orlimar might consider making the copper weighting a customizable feature, and remove the zipper from the headcover - maybe use an elastic material instead.

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