Review of Pinemeadow Command Q4 (Drivers)


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Command Q4

Great quality and nice finish on the driver. Looks and feels just like the brand name drivers but at 1/4 the cost. Movable weights are colored for recognition is nice too.


I had been fighting a slice and low trajectory with my old Callaway Big Bertha Warbird (Been away from golf for a while so the Big Bertha was the it driver then). With the Command Q4 I was nailing drive after drive straight down the range 10- 15 yards further. I didn't even adjust the weights and kept it at high trajectory. I love this driver.


Nothing! I bomb off the tee further and straighter than some of my buddies with $400 name brand drivers. They can't beleive I only paid $100 for mine.


I can't see why anyone would pay 4x the amount for a name brand club that won't make them play like the pros. 'It's not the bow and arrow it's the indian' an old timer once told me. I guess it's all psychological that it must be better if it's expensive. Oh well, I won't be contributing the PGA pros salaries by buying branded clubs.

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