Review of Ping Ally Series Putter (Putters)

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Thomas Neely
Ally Series Putter

Ping construction is top notch. The putter has that non-glare finish they say is produced by "tumbling" - whatever that means. I like it because it's not fancy, it's not expensive and it gets the job done.


It's all about feel my friend. This putter just feels right in your hands and when you line that shot up, there's a balanced feel to it that makes a pendulum stroke as easy as can be. Just need to be relaxed and let the Ally do the trick.


I have the stainless model, a 34" length with the standard lie angle. I should have tried the other lie angles because I think I may have been better off with the 2.0 upright lie model. Not complaining, though, just making a point. when you find a model you like, try all the fits before selecting. I've shaved a few strokes off here and there, but should have taken my time in choosing.


A Ping putter for $90. Need I say more!? I didn't pay too much or too little and got one of the best, most balanced putters out there. The only thing, as I mentioned before, is that I would recommend trying the different fits and lie angles. I didn't have a pro measure me for the putter and I didn't take the time to try the other models of this putter - I bet I could have got a better fit - but I'm not complaining. Oh no...

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