Review of Ping G15 (Drivers)

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The construction looks real good and Ping is an American product from a local guy here in California that started out with a putter to improve his game. I think his company is still all about quality. I still have the Ping I3s I bought when I started playing golf although I also have some newer clubs.


I usually hit a Titleist D2 and love it. But I was very suprised with the feel of the i15. I will have to use it again before I make up my mind to switch. But I hit all but one fairway on a very tough course and was able to work the ball just as easily as with my D2. I have to say I liked the look of the i15 better it looks a little smaller at address and seemed to hit a little farther. I did some checking on the set up after I got home and I really like the new UST Proforce AXIV Core Red shaft. If has a real firm feel and is a good match for the ping head. The Ping i15 driver has the hosel set back a little further than I am used to but delivers good shots all accross the face I used tape on the head and checked my impact points throughout the round and was very impressed.


So far nothing I did not like about the unit.


I like the i15 Driver and the consistancy I have while using it. It has a gerat price tag especially when you consider the high end shaft it comes with unlike the G15. I would highly recommend this club to anyone with a SS of over 100 and an index below 8.

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