Review of Ping i3 O-size (Irons)

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Ryan Blanchard
i3 O-size

Perfection. Every set that comes from PING is custom built. The set you see on the rack, the ones with the black dot. Those were oredered club head, shaft and grips, all specified during the order.


The i3 O-size gives me back the accuracy and forgiveness which my PING ISI's took away. Steel Shafted and dynamically fit, these clubs actually gave me more confidence on the course and hopefully will take some strokes off the game. For a high-handicapper like me (and most of you) there is no sense in wasting time and money on "custom" clubs, if you can't even swing right. PING's color codes got me to a perfect fit, without tayloring to my so-so swing. GREAT CHOICE!


The slippery color-coded grips aren't much fun when your hands get sweaty, so I switched to the original PING Tour Wraps. No extra cost thanks to the guys at Carl's Golfland.


PING's logo: "Play Your Best." Is not just some clever marketing scheme, its a true testament. How many other club manufacturers give you these many options and still price competitively? Try them, you'll like them. I did.

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