Review of Ping i/3 O-Size Irons (Irons)

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i/3 O-Size Irons

My irons are 9 years old and have nothing wrong with them. There are no scratches on any of the heads and the shafts are wonderful. I need a durable, high quality iron because my irons travel everywhere. I like that the irons can take the beating of travel and lots of play.


I love Ping irons. I have only played Ping irons. The oversized I3 irons are my only second set of irons ever. The irons are the best fit for me. I think Ping does a great job fitting irons for you. The irons are very forgiving and have a great strong feel at contact.


There is nothing I do not like about my irons. I may say I hate them when I do not play well but that is not the irons fault. I will only play Ping irons.


I love Ping irons. I will only play Ping irons. I am better than most average weekend golfers, and I trust my oversized irons completely. I could gain some extra distance by going to more a blade but I like the control of the oversized.

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