Review of Ping i3 Oversize (Irons)

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i3 Oversize

It's Ping, you get what you pay for.


I think the Ping fitting system is the way to go. I got the Silver Dot (+4) Irons after all the different tests were done. I love the feel of the clubs. I went from a 24 handicap to a 16 and it is still dropping. I credit these clubswith the change. The thin line look at setup is appealing to the eye. I hit these clubs high and straight and wish thatall my woods were like them. I would definitely be a lot lower handicap.


The standard ping grips are horrid. I used them for about 5 rounds or so and said these are the pits.I changed them to Lampkin Jumbos and now hit these clubs better than ever.


A local club pro told me once that if you are going to buy something, buy something good. His reasoningbehind this was interesting. If you buy golf equipment for cheap, then you're always thinking "what if" I had somethingdecent. If you hit a bad shot with good equipment, then you have nothing to blame but yourself. If I was doing it all over again, I would spend the extra money and get good equipment. That's how you get better.

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