Review of Ping ISI Stainless Steel (Irons)

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ISI Stainless Steel

Construction & quality are first rate. Took 1 1/2 wks to get them from Ping. I was like a kid at Christmas, during August, when I got the call from Roger Dunn Golf that the clubs were in.I did have the Eye 2 SW & LW, did not like them as much, so I brought those back & had the ISI-S SW & LW ordered. Took about a week to get them in. I had them swingweighted heavier.


Very easy to hit, just enough offset for my game. As mentioned, my misses are at the toe. So I don't lose that much distance when I strike that area. Solid shots are 10 yds longer than my previous sets of Cleveland 588.


Only thing I wish these irons were are, if they were beryllium copper. But Ping does not make them anymore. Besides that, I can't think of nothing not to like about the ISI-S.


I've always been a Ping fan. I've had Ping Eye 2+, Ping Zing, & Ping Zing 2 irons through the years. But I've been very happy w/ the ISI-S. Totally fits my game. also got custom fitted for them.Since the I3 are Ping's latest irons, you can get them cheaper, even customed. I saved abouth $200 from the I3. The I3 were nice clubs, but I prefered more of a toe weighting.The 1 & 2 iron are actually very easy to hit. When the woods go sour, I put the long irons in the bag. I can hit the 1 iron, 240-250 yrds. The wedges, are great at stopping the ball on the greens. What I mean is, I get a pretty high trajectory, soft landing & backspin (at times). With the extra swingweight on the SW & LW, chipping is easy, the clubs do all the work. Easy to dig the ball out & check up close to the pin. I've even sunk a few from the fringe of the green w/ a nice chip shot.

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