Review of Ping ISI tec (Drivers)

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B. Kunes
ISI tec

I've had this club for 6 months with no paint chips yet. Feels super solid when hit well. Shots off the heel and toe still find the fairway.


Unbelievable! I was happy with my Mizuno forged, but when this club came to me I couldn't believe how much farther I was hitting the ball. I was always a pretty long hitter but now my good drives are consistently 300 plus. I rarely use my long irons anymore! I've hit the older ISI driver and I didn't like the high trajectory. This driver is MUCH different. I hit boring draws with a little extra roll. Shots off the toe are impressively long and straight. I got the RSS hosel, XS pro light tour shaft, and 8.5 loft. Driving has never been so much fun.


I can't think of anything not to dislike about this driver. If you get properly fitted you're bound to fall in love with it. High price tag? Yeah, everything golf has a high price tag.


I would recommend this club to anybody. For my game it has been the single most game improving item in my bag. Long and straight!

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