Review of Ping Redwood Answer (Putters)

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Redwood Answer

Made from 303 stainless steel, not a flaw in the construction of this putter. Shaft is true temper and we all know how good their reputation is! Grip is awsome, comfortable, and taken care of will last many years.


The putter is very clean looking. Not over-done with writing and logos and other useless stuff engraved and stamped all over it. Head weight is 340 grams. Very well balanced Heel-toe weighted. Grip is very comfortable. The black satin finish has zero glare. Also the classic anser design that was flawless the day Karsten himself created it!


I have read alot peoples comments requesting a heel wighted and face balanced edition and I feel like companys should make products in multiple options. But this one fits my putting style and fits me perfectly. So i would suggest getting fitted for them on their 'color dot fitting system' if you are worried about it working for you. Maybe have a weighting system for those who like to change around the weight of their putters. But you could always get lead tape to do that like Phil Mickelson does with his odyssey


I just recieved the new Ping Redwood Anser today. Previously I used an odyssey dual force 2 as my everyday putter.I was very inconsistent and very against the insert in the putter. Tried the scotty cameron studio select for one round about a month ago and after using this putter found it to be very simalar to the Redwood i got today. There r two differences I find that favor the Redwood: 1.) the glare on the scotty cameron. 2.) THE PRICE! Although with the scotty you can change the weights but i already game u my fix to that.With the Redwood I unwrapped it and immediately took it to the practice green. With perfect sound off the face of the putter. Awsome distance control i loved it right away. Putting is my one of my biggest down falls in golf haveing 2-7 three putts per round. With this putter i see 1-3 at most. I would test the putter from 4, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 feet. Each time putting 10 balls. Out of all 60 putts I NEVER 3 PUTT ONCE!!! I promise you if you purchase this putter you wont be dissapointed. Good Luck and sink more putts!

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