Review of Ping S 57 (Irons)

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S 57

Based on my own, and rather limited knowledge I would consider the fit, and duller low glare finish, to be superior, in quality.


If I knew when I started shopping just how much I would like these sticks, and thefantastic direct service I received from Ping when I had some questions, I would have paid the Canadian going price of $1150. As it stands luck was on my side when I stumbled into these for $500. These golf clubs are crisp, and feel great when I hit them. They will let me know when I have made a mistake, but seem to have just enough forgivness, to keep me trying to improve my swing without forgiving all my bad habits, and without puting my slight miss hits into no mans land.


For now there is nothing that I don't like about these golf clubs. These clubs have a great feel. They make me think about my game, if I don't they can punish me depending on how bad I hit them. On the flip side they have a degree of forgivness. This is exactly what I asked for.


Considering my extreme happiness with these clubs, and the service I received from Ping. I would highly recomend these golf clubs to anyone, who is a good golfer, or who is getting close and wants to get better. I see the ratings do not have a 4.5, which is what I would give them, because nothing is perfect.

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