Review of Ping Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putter

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Scott Rushing
Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putter

The Ping Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putter has a very solid feeling putter. Would not expect any quality issues with it.


Ping's website describes the Ping Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putter like this:

Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putters feature a variable-depth-groove insert that improves ball-speed consistency for unmatched distance control. Adjustable-length shafts optimize the fit. The Senita B is PING's first counter-balanced putter, providing the feel and performance of a belly model without anchoring.

When you hold the Scotttsdale in your hand, unlike some of the other blade putters on the market, the Ping doesn't feel as heavily weighted. For those routinely playing on fast greens, that may help you keep the ball on the green.

The variable-depth grooves in the insert greatly improve ball-speed consistency whether the ball is struck on the center, heel or toe. The grooves are deepest in the center and get shallower toward the perimeter. "We've engineered a putter insert with forgiveness," Solheim said. "Regardless of where the ball impacts the insert, the variable-depth grooves produce nearly identical ball speeds. The distance control is the best we've ever seen when compared to inserts of all types."

Traditional-length models can be ordered with a USGA/R&A-conforming shaft that adjusts from 31" to 38" to give golfers the option of varying the length of their putter prior to a round of golf. "PING has always been a leader in custom fitting, and enabling golfers to personalize the fit and comfort for optimizing performance before a round of golf makes perfect sense," Solheim added. "Our studies show that golfers are much more accurate and consistent with putters fit to the correct length. With the adjustable-length shaft in the Scottsdale TR, golfers can now properly adjust their putter themselves to the ideal length."


Not many. Personally I prefer a heavier putter but not everyone does so that's not really a negative. Some might find the adjustable shaft version of the Ping Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putter a little odd but I didn't test a model with that shaft so I can't speak to that. Depending on how you like your putter to sound when you putt, this one doesn't have that nice solid sort of "thud" sound I get from my Ping CRAZ-E. It's a bit more "Pingy" :)


Overall the Ping Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putter looks to be a nice putter. It will take time to see how well the variable depth milled grooves work out but that and the adjustable shafts are interesting advances in this line. Smooth, immediate roll off the face makes long putts simple to judge; lag putts get consistent distances across much of the face.

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