Review of Ping Scottsdale Y Worry (Putters)

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Joe Golfer
Scottsdale Y Worry

Excellent. Extremely solid feel on all hits, even ones where I thought that I didn't catch it quite right.


I tried several different putters, including the hot new Taylor Made Corza Ghost putter (the white mallet), but this Ping putter outdid all of the ones that I tried.It had an extremely solid feel. Not too tinny. Not dull or muted. Not too soft.It must have a very good MOI, as it seemed to put every putt directly on line (unlike the Taylor Made Corza). Even when I felt like I didn't put a good stroke on the ball, I still got good results.The lag was excellent, as all the putts seemed to finish up extremely close to eachother.The appearance is unique. I like Mallet putters anyway, and this one is fairly large as mallets go, but it wasn't at all unwieldy. Very smooth stroke, with no stubbing of the club. The alignment aid was also very effective. This alignment aid is hard to describe: an oval shape behind the sweet spot that extends about the size of two golfballs backwards. It is burgundy closer to the face, then white in the more rearward portion, with a white line going straight back from the face all the way thru it.




A superb face-balanced mallet putter.Liked it better than the others I tried at the same time, such as Taylor Made, Odyssey, Heavy Putter, Rife, Titleist Scotty Cameron...

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