Review of Ping Tisi Tec 8.5 Stiff RSS hosel (Drivers)

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Steve G
Tisi Tec 8.5 Stiff RSS hosel

I have just played 3 rounds with the club (is it a coincidence that I shot better than my 13 Handicap all three times?), but so far the club looks durable. Also, the Demo that I took out a few times before I took delivery on my own still lokked to be in great shape


I LOVE the distance. I have NEVER hit the ball so long in my life. It seems that once it hits the ground it EXPLODES and just rolls forever. Feedback is great - I KNOW when I have not hit the ball on the screws, but even then the ball is out there 235. It also looks nice to the eye. The new grey finish is much nicer than the old Tisi.


I got the stiff shaft, so I can't be lazy with the club. If I don't pat attention the ball WILL go right despite the 1 degree closed face. Also, the headcover is OK, but I prefer the Callaway or Taylor Made headcovers. Hey.. if these are the only things I can find fault with, you KNOW I love this thing! Of course, since it's a PING, you can order the club in any configuration of shaft, length, lie, face angle and loft that you want.


I love the damn thing! What's not to love when you are hitting fairways and hitting them 25 yards further down the fairway. One important thing to remember though.. Ping's Driver lofts are ET (Effective Trajectory). ET is 1.5 degrees lower than normal, so my 8.5 is really more like a 10. Remember that f you buy!

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