Review of Ping Tisi Tec (Drivers)

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Tisi Tec

With the Ping name, I know there is going to be quality. The club feels extremely solid, unlike the holowish feel of the 300s and 975s.


Previously an owner of a 7* Tisi with a stiff 350 shaft, now the proud owner of a Tec 7* w/ a Graphite Design YS-6 XS shaft. This driver is solid!!! Took it out to the course the first day and can't say enough about the distance and accuracy in this puppy. The ball jumps off the face and bounds hard off the ground. I'd have to say that this driver is an easy 10 yards longer than the original Tisi. Mishits are also straighter than the original (I hit one completely off the toe and still hit the middle of the fairway...go figure?).


A bit pricy, especially when you consider the mediocre stock shaft (if you plan on getting one, consider ordering from Ping's WRX Department with another shaft for an additional $40+ depending on the shaft). Before you buy, DEMO, DEMO, DEMO.


Considering all of the new choices out there, I would definately demo the Tisi Tec, especially if you already have the old one. With the shaft and hosel options, there's bound to be one made just for you.

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