Review of Pinseeker Soft Cast II Lob Wedge 64' (Wedges)

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Leo A. McClatchy
Soft Cast II Lob Wedge 64'

The Soft Cast II is solidly made. The head has a soft nickel finish and boasts quality workmanship from every angle. The clubface grooves are square and sufficiently deep to provide dependable ball-spin. The shaft is a standard True-Temper steel and provides acceptable shot response. There were a few different grip options offered as well. All in all, this is a classy-looking club that looks right at home next to my custom blades, and I look forward to it lasting a long while.


This gem of a club flat-out lofts your shot as high as you want without opening the clubface. From tight lies, it stops a good ball on a dime, even from short distances (30-60 ft.). It is wonderful in pulling off those miraculous up-and-over-tall-tree shots of 40-60 yards. Also, I find that it provides excellent results from the bunker when lack of sand and/or crusty surface conditions makes the more heavily-soled sand wedge an unreliable option. I prefer its design to all the other lob wedges in the store, most of which were more than twice the price. Different degrees and shaft lengths are available at no more cost.


Happily, I have not found a single objection in using this product. I do have a cautionary suggestion, however: it takes some diligent practice to reap the benefits of the most severely lofted model (64 degrees, like mine). Since its ball-flight trajectory is much higher than conventional sand wedges, you must use from 30-60% more force to achieve the same distance. Also, if you don't play the ball further back in your stance, be prepared to "dip some chili!" Aside from that, "Bon Appetit!"


I think that the Pinseeker Soft Cast II is absolutely the best value of all the well-made lob wedges available. Also, if you are tall like me (6'-3"), there were several extra-long shaft models in stock at no additional charge. Why pay alot more for the same or less quality and performance? That's the bottom line.

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