Review of PowerBilt Mens 2002 Grand Slam Oversize Irons (Irons)

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Jeffrey Schumaker
Mens 2002 Grand Slam Oversize Irons

Well made with graphite shafts, double-heat treated stainless steel club head, etc. Very well built I may add and very sturdy. I think I'll be playing with these for quite a while.


I like the soft grips and the oversize heads. I've only been golfing for a few years now and needed a set that would help me out while not breaking the wallet, if you know what I mean.


I got the graphite shafts with the medium flex because I haven't fully developed my swing yet. I figured I would need something to correct a slow club head speed, but the flex in these shafts was probably a little more than I needed. Not too bad, but more that I thought.


The oversize club heads are really helping make the most of those little mistakes you make when you start playing. I'm not very consistent so every little edge I can get helps. The soft grips are nice because like most newbies, I tend to squeeze the hell out of the shaft due to nervousness, inexperience - whatever. They're very comfortable. Great clubs at a great price.

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