Review of Prophet Tour Forged (Irons)

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Tour Forged

Excellent looking set of clubs. Heads look very nice, compact size with a nice thin top line that I perfer in my irons. Assembly looks first rate.


Very nice looking set of ironed. Nice thin top line that most good golfers will appreciate. The loft of each club is not too low for the clubs, so you get good distance will good holding power at the same time. Very good FEEL at impact IF you do your part. Solidly hit balls feel very soft. Mis-hit balls sting a bit, which is what most good golfers want. Good distance and decent amount of foregivness in a forged set of irons. Standard size clubheads, not oversize like most game improvement irons today.


Nothing not to like so far.


This is an excellent set of forged cavity back irons for the better golfer. Not too hard to hit well, and easy to work the ball left or right as needed. Good feel at impact with good feed back on poorly struch balls to teach you to make better contact. Mis-hits WILL sting, so you need to do your part or pay the price in your hands. You can custom order your set YOUR way. Buy only those clubs you want, with the shaft and grip of your choice. If you have the game to move up to forged irons. this would be a good place to start. Excellent quality at very reasonable prices. You can even but just ONE club to see if they are right for you if you want. That's a nice thing about buying from

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