Review of Puma Gel Fusion (Shoes)

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Gel Fusion

Looks to be very well made shoe


I really like the look of this shoe and the way it feels when walking around in the store. It felt good hitting balls on the About Golf simulator also. Very good arch support. The Gel makes the shoe easy on my feet when standing even on the hard floors of the store.


Unfortunately, the Puma shoe does NOT come in a wide, only one width is available, and in this shoe, I would need a wide as the standard size is too narrow for my feet. I wear an 11 Mediun normally, so I don't think it is my feet, but rather the way Puma designs their shoes. The length was also a bit short, so maybe with Puma I'd need to go up to an 11-1/2 to get a fitting that works.


While I really liked the comfort and feel of this golf shoe, it was just too narrow for my mediun width feet. They only come in one width, so I couldn't try a wide. IF you have feet that are on the narrow side, I would recommend trying out a pair of these shoes, and they feel very good other than being a bit too narrow. IF they had fit my feet, I most likely would have purchased a pair, they felt so good. 5 rated for looks and comfort. 3 rated for not being available in a wide, average of 4

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