Review of RAM 460cc 6061 Titanium Driver (Drivers)

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460cc 6061 Titanium Driver

Poor. This is not a Titanium driver, they are misleading you when they put that on the bottom of the club. Although in their credit they do put '6061 Titanium', but most people don't know that means it's a titanium-alloy which is dilluted with 50% aluminum.


It was cheap, that's about the only 'pro'.


It feels like you are hitting rocks with this thing! First of all, even though it says 'Titanium' on the clubhead - it is NOT a 100% titanium driver like they would lead you to believe. It is called '6061 Titanium' which is an alloy, or a combination of two metals, in this case it is mixed with 50% aluminum. That is why it has a 'dead' feel when you hit it, because the 6061 is not as strong as pure titanium and therefore they can't make the face paper-thin like they can on a 100% titanium driver. This is also why it doesn't go as far, because the face doesn't flex at all on impact because it is so thick.


Bottom line: Dead feel, short distance, not really 100% titanium, horrible club (even for $40). If you are on a budget, go spend $80-$100 and get a clone of a name-brand club - at least those are real titanium. Check out - I got a Taylor Made R7 CGB Max clone from there with an Alpha Pro Tour shaft for just $89, and it hits just like the real $400 Taylor Made!!

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