Review of Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 (Putters)

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Scotty Cameron
Newport 2.6

The unit is well built and designed for the serious golfer that wants to get a putter that fits his or her stroke.


While I never have been one to think new equipment is the answer I do believe it is smart to be properly fitted for equipment. The new Titleist Studio putters are offered in five different length and weight combinations to accommodate any putting style. I have learned it is important to have a properly weighted head on your putter that is matched with the length of your shaft. I am seeing a marked improvement and would recommend this line of putters to any golfer.


There was nothing I did not like about this unit. I love it. I had a Scotty Cameron putter and was able to sell it for more than I paid for my new putter. So I am happy that Scotty Cameron Putters hold their value.


This has been a real learning experience for me. It started with a lesson and finding out what kind of swing I have and learning what I need to do to perfect it. In the process I found I had the wrong type of putter for my stroke. I have taken some lessons and in the last 4 rounds I have taken 2 to 3 strokes off my score by reducing putts. Putting for me is where the majortiy of my strokes are taken so obviously where I can shave the most strokes off my game.

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