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Sky Caddie

Seems solid but I've only had it a few weeks


This is the 2012 version of the SGX. The newest version of the SGX line is the SGX-w which adds wireless access to Skygolf's course updates but the model I purchased does not have that feature. The SGX provides the ability to store 50 detailed course maps but comes loaded with 30K basic course maps which from what I understand gives you distances to the front, middle and back of the green. Those 'basic' maps don't give you access to the hazard distances and other key distances the full detailed maps do provide. This unit does require, like all Skygolf GPS', an annual subscription fee. I don't mind that as it turns out to mean I pay about .50 cent per round to have the detailed maps. I can live with that.But the unit now has a couple cool (though they take some time to get used too) features. So one, instead of pushing buttons to access things like the scorecard of the Intilligreen view, you can just tilt the unit one way or the other. Easy enough but it's a little slow to me for the unit to react to those tilts.The unit does track more stats like FIR, GIR, etc. The Scorecard is more intuitive than past version. The yardages to various points in the fairway now are accessible very this rotating wheel. Ehh, ok, it's pretty but it was fine in the older models as it was. So it's cooler now but no better functionality in my view.Battery life seems longer to me than in previous models. Should be more accurate as it uses (as I understand it) more satellites for distance calculations. Probably the greatest feature of this model is the fly-over view where, for courses where available, the system will show you an aerial view of the hole. THis is great for those courses you've never played before and when you don't know where you're playing too. It allows you to easily identify distances to hazards in this mode by moving the cross hairs to where you want. It then tells you how far that is from where you are and how far it is to the green from there.


Well, little things like speed arent' the greatest. It seems slower to start up than the old model and the switching from view to view by tilting seems slow. But you get used to it. Otherwise not much to complain about.


Nice unit. I've always been a fan of Skygolf GPS units and this one is no exception.

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