Review of Snake Eyes AerMet CMF 9* (Drivers)

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Rocky Z
Snake Eyes
AerMet CMF 9*

Construction seems good, finish is very nice, but don't sky a ball or the top will dent easy.


When hit in sweet spot which is about a dime in size, maybe a quarter it will definitely fly with a boring projection.


First assembled unit with a Penley Stealth 70 Stiff at 45.5" and hit straight and long, but with a very low ball flight. Then put in a pured ProForce Gold 65 Stiff at 45.25" and went right or straight but again extremely low, cut it down to 44.5" and gained nothing, it actually hit better at the longer length if I choked up on the grip about an 1", I mean when flushed it would bore about 230 and roll 60, but was not enjoyable to hit. Then put in a Titanium True Temper Tour shaft at Stiff in 44.25" and hit it the straightest with a nice boring height but now felt like hitting a steel golf ball, the head just is too harsh and never really feels sweet, even when you flush it.


Would not recommend it or buy one again, just too harsh, doesn't feel good.

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