Review of Snake Eyes Viper XTi (Drivers)

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Snake Eyes
Viper XTi

This club was put together by our very own Golf Gear Review member, Don. Construction is top quality. If I didn't know it was assembled by Don, I would have thought it was done by the manufacturer and have passed rigorous quality inspections for a superb masterpiece.


Looks fantastic. The Snake Eyes Viper XTi head looks like it would scare the ball off the tee at address. Otherwise it's very pleasing to look at. Distance wise, it's less than my L5V driver by about 10-20 yards with a slight fade. I guess it's due to the square face angle, as compared to my L5V's 1-degree closed face angle. I probably need more time and golf balls to hit this club with in the future to make a better assessment. I really like the shaft feel on the swings and impact. It didn't feel wobbly or loose.


Nothing so far.


Great looking club at address. Swing is easy and smooth.

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